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Free Proverbs Study Guide, Plus That Time My Bible Told Me To Shut Up!

After a very busy, ministry-filled summer, I have a gift for you! The first half of this post is a Bible Study Guide for personal use or Small Group use. The second part will share what I learned when my Bible told me to shut up! I am a Bible colorer. Not like the pretty Bible journaling you may have seen, but I mark it up as I read. I have ADD, and while I love to read, I found myself reading entire passages and having no idea what I’d just read because I was also thinking about my to-do list. So I started reading with a box of colored pencils at hand. As I read, I look for things I may come back to, and things that were significant for any number of reasons. This all started when I was learning inductive Bible study from Kay Arthur’s books and found that marking Scripture made focus much easier. So a while ago I was reading through Proverbs and found that I was marking pretty much every verse, which leads to pretty pages but nothing standing out. A few chapters in, I