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Standing in the Silence

A few weeks ago, I spoke at a women’s conference sharing a message entitled Standing in the Silence. It was born out of a personal struggle; I had no idea that within a few weeks the theme of silence would become so globally significant. The thought which closed that message is one I can’t get away from now. In the silence, every sound is magnified. I had been struggling with loneliness and for months and months I avoided praying about that need of my heart. I didn’t stop praying, I just refused to pray about that. I told myself that God already knew the need. I didn’t want to go through the emotions of pouring out my heart over this. And in the silence that I chose to let fall between myself and my God, the voice that was magnified was self-doubt. That silence between me and Him allowed the problem to grow, at least in my mind. I could be surrounded by people and feel utterly alone. I eventually decided to dive into Scripture to figure things out and real