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Rahab the ___________

Did you fill in that blank with her former sin? I'm not the same person I was before Jesus got a hold of me. My heart was changed in an instant, and He has been steadily changing me ever since. Still there are people in my life who only remember who I used to be. It bothers me any time I'm faced with someone holding me to an old standard. As pretty as this picture is, I don't want to spend much time looking over my shoulder! As the title of this blog says: I'm not who I was yesterday! This week, as my church is reading through the book of Joshua, Rahab's name keeps coming up. What a transformation story!  I keep hearing, "Rahab the harlot," or, "Rahab the prostitute." Why am I not hearing, "Rahab, Jesus' great grandma"?!  Check out her story in Joshua 2 and 6. This woman was wise. She was brave. She had faith.  She was likely not a prostitute by choice; there were only so many ways for a woman to survive then, and often they were sh