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Perfection or Bust?

What is with this tendency I have with the need to get something just right, or giving up altogether? I struggle with this ALL the time! I set a goal, and if I fall even a little short, I throw my hands in the air and say, “Oh well, that’s over.” I am approaching my 40 th birthday and decided to do a specific workout and nutrition plan that is 21 days long. My birthday is on the 21 st , so starting on the 1 st of the month seemed like the perfect (there’s that word again) fit. The goal for me was to greet 40 feeling strong. Week one went really well. This is a big deal to me. It’s about more than weight or jean size. I have a history of back problems and recently had a flare up that had me walking with a cane and in constant pain for several weeks. I had to work hard to get back from that, and I know from getting it right in the past (why did I ever give up?!) that having a strong core keeps the back flares away. Well, then this week hit, and I lost som