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Sneak Peek into the new Bible Study!

Thank you, first, to everyone who was excited about joining me in the writing process of this new study! I would LOVE for you to comment and help me along with questions and comments! I will share some of the study below, and then I will share something I'm excited about including in the study - this is still in the brainstorming phase, so your feedback would really help! If you share an idea I use, your name could end up in print! Let's open those Bibles... Excerpt Today we’re going to press on and meet the first Judge in Israel. We’ll focus on the importance of witness being shared. Read Judges 2: 6-10 Right off the bat, we’re witnessing something so important. Joshua and the elders who led with him saw miracles and fought battles with God leading the way. They saw with their own eyes and experienced wonders that left no room for doubt that God IS and that He is good and powerful and   for   them. The next generation benefitted from the work of Joshua’s generation, but they w