Sneak Peek into the new Bible Study!

Thank you, first, to everyone who was excited about joining me in the writing process of this new study! I would LOVE for you to comment and help me along with questions and comments!

I will share some of the study below, and then I will share something I'm excited about including in the study - this is still in the brainstorming phase, so your feedback would really help! If you share an idea I use, your name could end up in print! Let's open those Bibles...


Today we’re going to press on and meet the first Judge in Israel. We’ll focus on the importance of witness being shared.

Read Judges 2: 6-10

Right off the bat, we’re witnessing something so important. Joshua and the elders who led with him saw miracles and fought battles with God leading the way. They saw with their own eyes and experienced wonders that left no room for doubt that God IS and that He is good and powerful and for them. The next generation benefitted from the work of Joshua’s generation, but they weren’t there and didn’t put in the work. 

The next generation didn’t have the experience; they were not eye witnesses. One might want to blame that younger generation for not respecting the gift Israel had been given in the Promised Land, or understanding how to relate to God, or the place of honor God deserves. But how can they know what they haven’t been taught?

How might that same concept be at work right now?

Think of all of the “little” miracles God has done in your life. Even think of some of the bigger things He has done. How often have you shared those? Have you shared them with everyone or only people who won’t think you’re crazy, because they’re on this journey with God, too?

We can’t be selfish with what God has done in our lives, we must make sure the next generation knows God, knows His character, knows His love, knows His power... and moves from appreciating our walk with God to beginning a walk of their own with Him.

Share some of those things God has done in your life, and don’t try to zero in on something “big enough to tell;” if God has done anything at all, it is worthy of being told!

The Things I Might Include

I love practical guides that let me feel like I'm getting my life together! I love the life-long value in any Bible study, but I get especially excited and can build momentum when I can put what I'm learning to work right away.

So at the end of each week in the study, I'm considering shifting the focus do different areas where, like the people we're studying in the pages of Scripture, we keep making the same mistakes. I'll hit lighter topics to start with, and work toward deeper concerns. Here's a glimpse...

Piles Excerpt

I’m sitting amidst a collection of piles. All things I’ll do tomorrow... but tomorrow I’ll still do them tomorrow. Anyone else have this habit of procrastinating on the chores that are too much right now? I’m not talking about taking a break when you need it, I’m talking to those who live like this more often than not.

When I clean, I’ll move the piles from here to there and back again. Every so often I get a burst of energy or motivation and I’ll go to work purging and organizing, and catching up all of the procrastination piles. And it feels so good! Oh, that deep, satisfied sigh, when you look around and everything is in it’s place, and your space is clear and you feel accomplished! And I say to myself, “This is good. This is what I want. Just a little effort every day, and I can live like this all the time!”

But soon after, the piles return. WHY?!

The piles could be laundry, mail, bills, dishes, motorcycle parts, projects, you name it! It could be metaphorical piles, things like calls you should make, emails you should return, home repairs you mean to make a priority, scheduling medical appointments you’d rather not think about, again: you name it.

Let’s do that. Name it. Today is going to be a very short day, and it’s all about you. My hope and prayer is that this will be a useful tool for you. 


It would mean so much to me to hear back from you! Answers to the questions above, thoughts on what practical, "Get Your Life Together" topics you think would be useful to cover... it would help to keep me typing! 

For Today

As you go through the rest of your day and the next few days, keep an eye out for chances to tell people about what God has done for you. And allow Him to open your eyes to the piles that need to be tackled. 

I pray right now: Lord, please give us not only the eyes to see, but the motivation, game plan, ability, and energy to focus on clearing up the first "pile;" help us to get rid of the things that distract us from You. We love You! Amen?


  1. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this. I thought you might want to correct this line
    “In Things I Might Include”.
    The line reads: I'm considering shifting the focus do different areas where,
    Should it be I’m considering shifting the focus to different areas where,
    OR: shifting the focus to do different areas where,


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